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Testimonials of Breathe

Testimonials of Breathe Respiratory Blend of Essential Oils


I have allergies and I’ve had allergies my whole life. 365 days a year I wasn’t able to breathe. I’ve had many Western treatments and many other treatments and none of those worked well at all. So I started taking Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon in gel capsules several times a day. That was amazing, but about a month later I started taking the lifelong wellness. Then I noticed I didn’t have to take the gelcaps so often. Now I just take the lifelong wellness and Slim&Sassy and it’s been wonderful! I’ve been able to keep it under control! –Chris R.


My son has seasonal allergies.  He would wake up each morning with sneezing fits.  Before doTERRA these episodes meant a dose of allergy medication each morning.  One day I decided to use Breathe on him.  I rubbed some into his chest and he quick sneezing immediately.  We threw out the allergy meds and use doTERRA now instead! - Liz W, Colorado

Common Cold

My friend was commenting on Facebook that she was struggling with seasonal allergies.  I called her and talked to her and she was having sinus pain.  We looked up in Modern Essentials what we should do.  We applied Lavender to the reflex points for sinus on both feet and did the same with Peppermint.  This was really my first experience with Essential Oils and I didn't know what to expect.  She told me she could feel the sinus pain breaking up and she could breathe!  I also had her breathe in the oils from the bottles and apply some on her sinuses.  -Karren H. Nevada, USA


I have been on Xanax for a few years.  Doctor said it helps with perimenopausal anxiety.  I did not want to be on any chemical drug anymore.  Started using Lemon, Lavender and Breathe and I have been Xanax free for three months.  –Tina H. Utah, USA

Asthma attack

This past weekend, my three-year-old son had an asthma attack.  I had tried rubbing Breathe on his chest and back, and that seemed to slow down his heart rate and improve his breathing a little, but not enough to avoid an ER trip.  After some input from experienced essential oil-ers, I put a drop of Breathe on his tongue.  Less than two minutes later (when the, "Mommy, I don't like it!  I need a drink!," had died down), I realized his breathing and heart rate were completely normal.  More so than after a visit to the ER, where he was administered a breathing treatment and steroids.  In fact, the ER said he wouldn't be back to breathing normally for a few days; but with Breathe, it took less than two minutes!  ~Cindy P.


My family uses Breathe for respiratory issues and for those with asthma.  This wonderful oil blend can be rubbed directly on the chest to relieve breathing and coughs.  –Linda O. Utah, USA


While camping last summer my seven year old son who has suffered from Asthma all of his life, developed a severe attack. We opened our first aid kit and realized we did not have his rescue inhaler. Planning on driving an hour to the Hospital for treatment I applied Breathe essential oil to his chest and throat. By the time we were prepared to leave for the Hospital, his breathing had significantly improved. His airways opened and he slept through the night symptom free. Essential oils kept him from having a miserable night at the hospital and had a great trip. We now use Breathe to treat his Asthma symptoms almost exclusively with great results.-Jared S. Utah, USA


After using a product to treat my asthma known as “Advair” for almost a year, I discovered that Advair was actually doing my body more harm than good. Then my boss came to me and asked me, “Would you be interested in try peppermint oil from a company called doTerra?” I began to use the peppermint oil and it seemed to help for a little bit, but trouble breathing would soon return. Then she introduced me to a product called “Breathe.” Using the breath oil has done the job, without the harmful side effects, and today I continue to use the Breath oil from doTerra every night, but now I am Advair free. –AJ B. New Mexico, USA


I started using doterra oils when I had been struggling with Asthma. I was having attacks and tying the inhaler and that would make me sick and nothing was working til I started using Breathe! That stuff was amazing!!! –Phalecia  T. Utah, USA

Allergies and asthma

I have been using the LifeLong Wellness for around two years now and WOW!!!  I do think It's supported my body enough now that its been over a year now that I have not used Breathe! I have not had any problems with allergies or Asthma :)  The supplements have boosted my energy level up and made me feel amazing! They help out with my digestive system, colon function, and The very best part of them so far is They have made my hair grow faster and healthier than ever! It's even thickened up too!!!! That was about after three months being on them! ;) –Phalecia  T. Utah, USA


That same friend has a daughter who has asthma.  I gave her a sample of Breathe.  That night, her daughter started to have an asthma attack and it was taking forever to get it to subside.  She said she remembered the Breathe I gave her, used it, and her daughter's asthma attack subsided in less than ten minutes.  She said that was a first. –Tina H. Utah, USA


We did our youth trek about 2 or 3 weeks ago, it was really cold and rainy and we were up in Strawberry Reservoir and we had many kids that were having trouble breathing. I would go around and put some breathe on them and it really helped them sleep through the night! –Jennifer A.


Last night after I came home from the party & you had rubbed the BREATHE on my chest I sat down & was watching some TV. I could smell the oil (which is unusual since i really couldn't smell most of the other oils at the party) & I started to get really relaxed & sleepy. It was only 9:30 PM but I thought well if its going to work I'm all for it so I went to bed. I DID NOT take my Zyrtec pill! I went right to sleep, must have turned off the alarm this morning to go to church & slept until around 10 AM. I then lay there for a good 20 minutes or more MARVELING that I can breathe thru my nose all the way to my lungs with no wheezing, whining or crackling, which I have had for years. I have become a mouth breather for years now because have not been able to breathe through my nose. No coughing, nose is clear & I can still feel the breaths all the way down in my lungs. I am going to have to learn to stand up straight again, have been slumping because of can't breathe down deep (they call it Asthma slump). All this from your one application of the oil. –Marilyn


I was snoring horribly in the night.  Used breathe right strips, humidifier, tried sleeping on my side etc.  Kept constantly waking up throughout the night, suffering.  The first night I used doTERRA's BREATHE blend, I slept better than I have slept since before having my kids!!!!!  (they are now 8 & 6).  It was amazing in the morning AS I woke up.... I was used to jerking awake from being stuffy, or pounded awake by a hyper child who needed me.  The first morning waking up after using BREATHE was surreal.  I was conscious, and aware of the fact that I was breathing EFFORTLESSLY.  Breathing SO peaceful & quiet that it almost made me cry, but it was too marvelous.  I laid in bed, "listening" -- not hearing myself breathe, feeling my lungs fill up and deflate.  My heart calm, my nose & throat clear, my head sooo grateful.  SHOCKED, but too delighted to let the shock surprise me into waking up any quicker.  So THIS is what sleep is supposed to feel like!  Also, I was SO rested, that each time I passed a mirror throughout the next day, I had to stop & gaze into the mirror for a second.  I looked 5+  years younger.  My eyes were so bright and beautiful.  The skin under my eyes not purple and sagging, but beautifully glowing.  So amazing. –Rachelle S.


I have only been a member for a couple of weeks and I joined because firstly I liked the sound of the pureness of the oils and I also had a bad bout of bronchitis and a friend of mine said to try the oils and maybe the diffuser.  I am also interested in promoting this product via the computer to the Asian and overseas markets.My first order hence was for one lotus diffuser and the Cypress oil and the Breath Easy blend.  I have used these oils in the lotus diffuser for the past week and have seen immediate results in being able to breathe more freely and I am very impressed with the fineness of the mist from the diffuser - I am sure that this helps as it seems to be taken up quickly into my lungs and system.  My doctor wants to put me on puffers and medication which I am very hesitant to do, so will keep using the oils and hope to have a better quality of life with them.  I am happy to keep in touch to let you know how they work with me in the future. –Christine K.

Common cold

My niece has had her children on nebulizers for their chronic conditions for years... One night when they were visiting - I asked her if I could rub Breathe on one of her daughter's feet - prior to her giving the nebulizer treatment.  When I was done rubbing - her daughter felt better! Instead of spending the entire winter in the Dr.'s office & with her kids home sick from school... they experienced only ONE sickness the entire winter.  My niece was thrilled that her kids are healthy, but also with the $ she saved!! -Amy O. 

I have 4 kids and winters in Minnesota bring lots of colds. With all the recalls lately of Tylenol (8 this year so far) as well as PediaCare and Benedryl, I am terrified of giving my kids any of this stuff. God knows what's in them to begin with and add in some contamination....just sounds terrible. There are unwanted side effects and they don't really work anyway for cough, and cold symptoms. They also do not work quickly. My kids now ask me to rub Breathe on their chests when they are stuffy. They get immediate relief and are only getting natural oils into their systems. I feel so much better treating their colds this way. Makes me feel like a better mom. –Brenda W. 


Breathe really keeps nasal passages clearer.-Lee T. 

Sleep apnea

My neighbor was over to my house and mentioned how her 3 year old has a hard time sleeping because he could not breathe. He was always congested. I let her borrow my Breathe. She emailed me the next day saying, “It's a miracle. No gasping for air. No snoring. It was light raspy breathing ALL NIGHT. And he slept in. He usually doesn't do that. I think it's because He was sleeping SO GOOD.” She was thrilled and asked me to order her some. –Mindy T. Utah, USA


My family uses Breathe for respiratory issues and for those with asthma.  This wonderful oil blend can be rubbed directly on the chest to relieve breathing and coughs.  –Linda O. Utah, USA


A mother came in one day and I could hear this hacking deep cough, on and on. It was hard for me to stay in my office. I went to the mother and approached her about the oils. She allowed me to use Breathe on her child as we did business. Within 30 seconds the child stopped coughing. I was amazed. The mother said she had a sister who used Young Living oils and new oils were helpful. But did not experience or carry oils on her person. I gave her my info. -Shari L.Utah, USA


My client had brought her son with her while she was getting her hair cut. He was coughing so much and she said he had Croup. I ran and got my peppermint and breathe and coconut oil. Rubbed him down on his chest and feet! Only within minutes he was asking for more and was clearing a lot of junk out of his throat. I let them take those home so he could reapply a few times more.  Her mother called me the next day and said they need to know more ;)-Phalecia T.