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Testimonials of Frankincense Essential Oil

Testimonials of Frankincense Essential Oil


My mom has had Type II diabetes for years. I helplessly watched as her legs progressively turned red to purple to black.  This spring she was diagnosed with gangrene on her toe.  The doctors emphatically said there was to be no moisture on her toe or the gangrene could turn to a gas which would then rapidly spread into her foot and leg and ultimately would need to be amputated. With the counsel of Dr. Hill to use a drop of frankincense, lavender and melaleuca each, my dad applied them to her toe 3 times daily.  In 6 weeks there was absolutely NO gangrene!  It is healed and healthy. The power of doTERRA oils allowed her body to heal itself. We are so thankful. -Cheryl B.


My daughter has horrible acne and she just started using the oils about 5 days ago. She’s been using Melaleuca and Oregano and Frankincense to help the scarring on her face. She’s been rubbing the oils on her feet in the morning and at night and you can see her face clearing up already! You can actually see her face!


My friend has had acne his whole life growing up and it's caused a lot of scarring. I started him on the suppliments and using frankinsence and Myrr. He's used that morning and night on his face and in a month his scarring was way less and the acne has been controlled   Now he is still on suppliments and likes to put lemon grass on he likes the burn feeling.  He looks like a new kid! –Phalecia T


At night I will diffuse OnGuard and Frankincense. Lavender is usually the one that is suppose to have a calming effect, but it’s a little too sweet for me. I like something a little different so I use Frankincense. I’ve got my diffuser, and I’ve got my oils, and I love it. –Michael B.


I love the calming benefits of Frakincense-it makes me have a sense of calmness and relaxation! An-g C


When I cut my finger with a peice of broken glass I instantly put a drop of Frankincense on it. I was amazed at how suddenly it seemed to scab over and stop bleeding. Also, it didn't ache throughout the day! I did have to put more on later, but I was again amazed and how fast it stopped bleeding after the Frankincense! -Joslyn W. Utah, USA

 Shoulder pain

I used to have such bad shoulder pain that it was very hard to concentrate on anything else.  A friend told me to use some Frankincense on my shoulder and within minutes the pain was totally gone.  I have had chronic back pain for a year.  I have taken bottles and bottles of pain relievers.  After the experience I had with my shoulder I used Frankincense on my back with the same results! I have not had to take pain relievers since using Frankincense the very first time! - Vickie H.


My daughter has horrible acne and she just started using the oils about 5 days ago. She’s been using Melaleuca and Oregano and Frankincense to help the scarring on her face. She’s been rubbing the oils on her feet in the morning and at night and you can see her face clearing up already! You can actually see her face!


I’m mostly been using the oils for my daughter who has seizures and it’s been working! She tends to have seizures at night and so I’ve been rubbing frankincense on her feet before she goes to bed and it keeps her from having them. –Julie C.


I went to a first meeting sometime last meeting and they always talked about someone who had used oils with their child that had seizures. We had tried everything and none of the medications controlled it so I was pretty skeptical. But I thought I would try it and I got the family physician kit. We started using it with her. I would just put Frankincense on her feet every night before she would go to bed and it really seemed to help. And then when I would forget because I was too tired or when she was at her grandpa’s she would have a seizure that night. I kept using it with her until we ran out. When we ran out she had seizures for two weeks. I was really skeptical at first but I have been really pleasantly surprised it really seems to be helping. -Julie C.

 Growing pains

My son has had terible night leg aches.  He would come downstairs to my room crying in the middle of the night - in excruciating pain!  I never knew what to do for him, so finally I pulled out my oils & started rubbing them on his legs (DeepBlue & Frankincense).  He would slowly calm down, start breathing normally, his muscles would relax & he would fall back asleep! -Amy O.


The very first time I tried the oils I purchased a Family Physicians Kit. I was at home and I really sliced my arm changing lightbulbs. I remembered someone saying they had used Frankincense on some sort of cut they had and so I  put some on. The next morning there wasn’t even a cut on my arm! I was so amazed!-Lori M.


A bottle broke in my hand and I got a deep cut on my thumb. I put some frankincense on it because I had read Frankincense helps cells regenerate. I put one drop on the cut and it instantly stopped bleeding a formed more of a scab even though the cut was deep. I was so impressed! –Joslyn W.


I have a volatile personality -- high highs, and low lows -- I am very sensitive and emotional.  I really struggle sometimes with how extreme my emotions can be, and how sad I get when I am feeling low.  I started using Frankincense on my nose & chin to "uplift" my mood, and it REALLY WORKS!!!! I can be sobbing, very sad, and put on some Frankincense, and immediately cheer up.  I have to re-apply several times if its a super bad day, but I LOVE that it makes me feel like I don't need medication!  :)  I have tried anti-depressants in the past, and they always have negative side effects.  Weight gain, nightmares, and they don't even work a fraction as well as Frankincense does! –Rachelle S.


My college age daughter has suffered with depression for the past couple of years.  She has been on medication that has created side effects including fatigue, poor concentration, and irritability.   Since she has been home for the summer, she has completely gone off her anti-depressants and has began using balance, citrus bliss, and frankincense, as well as taking the Life Long Wellness Supplements.  She feels better than when she was taking the medication and has more energy, is happier, and feels that life is better overall. -Lana S. – Utah


We were moving across the country from Salt lake city, Utah to Jacksonville, FL and the night before our journey my husband got sick with a sore throat, toothache, ear ache just pain throughout his face- we created an antibiotic with Frankincense, Oregano and On Guard- the very next day before we left 100% better! "It made a believer out of me" Adam C. Florida, USA


I use essential oils more for emotional purposes rather than physical. I typically use Frankincense. I’ve noticed that will clear the room of bad feelings after an argument. If I’m just feeling particularly vulnerable that day, I’ll put some on. I also do foot zoning. I use oils with all of my foot zoning sessions. –Shyloh D.

 Thyroid problems

One and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. Over the period of the next year and a half the nodule had doubled in size! I was referred to an endocrinologist and a biopsy was recommended. I decided to give myself one month to try and shrink my nodule before my appointment with the endocrinologist. I started to do research on oils and started to apply Myrrh and Frankincense to my thyroid area on my neck and to the thyroid point on my hands. I immediately noticed a difference. I went in for my appointment with the endocrinologist a month after starting the regimen and the nodule had shrunk back to almost its original size in one month. I still went ahead with the biopsy and results came back benign. I still use the dōTERRA oils and the nodule is still continuing to shrink. –Lauren M. Utah USA


My name is Heidi O. I live in Utah. I joined DoTerra in Feb. 2010. I started using them and loved them. In April, my youngest son passed away. He was 18 years old. He had depression and took his life. This has been a very difficult thing as you can imagine. I have used my oils every day since then, Balance, Serenity, Lavender, Frankincense, Citrus Bliss, Elevation and more.  These oils have helped me get through this without prescribed anti-depressants or sleeping pills. They have lifted me and helped me feel comfort, peace, and strength beyond my own. I can’t tell you how I know these oils have saved me,  and also my husband. We will be forever grateful for their introduction into our lives. They were definitely heaven sent to help us!


My 19 year old, Karlie, has had what's called painless migraines which is a vision distortion/decent headache combo for a couple years. They have turned into full on migraines where she's sensitive to light and her vision is impaired. She has found relief rubbing Frankincense, Wintergreen, AromaTouch, and several other oils on, in a bout 10 minutes. I finally got PastTense & was on my way out one day when she came in & begged for some oils. I handed it over for 10 seconds then left. Later she told me her migraine was gone in 2 minutes! Needless to say she has her own bottle now! -Janet H., Utah


My son had a large wound on his leg from a fall.  I noticed it was red and swollen.  I applied frankincense to it once before he went to bed.  In the morning, I couldn't believe how much better it looked.  The redness was almost gone and it was not swollen anymore, all from one application.  This Frankincense is so pure and amazing. –Roxane B.

 Acne scars

I've been using a few drops of lavender, frankincense and peppermint and regularly massaging this into my son's back. Along with acne scars, the complaints of lower back pain have also faded. What a bonus! –Ros R.


I use to get migraines, and now when I feel them coming on, I put Frankincense, Lavender, and Peppermint on my head temples, and neck. Sometimes I have to re-apply in an hour, but it always works, and I don't have to take pain killers anymore. I use to get them every 3 months, now it's about every 6 months, but they never get out of hand anymore. I feel the symptoms come on, I know what it is, I break out these oils, and it's taken care of in an hour or two with minimal symptoms. -Kimberly G.


I have several experiences with the oils! I am killing a wart with Frankincense & OnGuard.-Kirk N.

 Behavioral problems

My 4 year old son, Drake, has struggled with some sensory processing and speech delay issues since he was about two years old.  He would get very frustrated at little things and since he couldn't verbalize his frustration, he would scream, hit, kick, bite, throw himself down, just to name a few. I began using Serenity, Balance, and Frankincense on him twice a day.  His behavior has completely changed.  I very rarely see a tantrum of any kind!  -Lana S.

 Dry skin

My husband has been on prescription medication for a genetic skin condition (psoriasis) for years.  He has tried almost every cream, pill and ointments out there.  When he gets a new prescription, it will suppress a flare up for about 6 weeks and then it come backs with a vengeance.  Someone told him to to give frankincense a try. It worked within a day!!! -Anon.


I have grown up with a rash for the majority of my life. The only thing that helped was steroids, which I didn’t always want to use, and Allegra. Since I have used frankincense, it has taken my rash away. It has changed my life. –Julene B.


My daughter has horrible acne and she just started using the oils about 5 days ago. She’s been using Melaleuca and Oregano and Frankincense to help the scarring on her face. She’s been rubbing the oils on her feet in the morning and at night and you can see her face clearing up already! You can actually see her face!


My little brother recently had to get a whole lot of stitches in his forehead due to a wakeboarding accident. He has been applying Frankincense to his scar and it has been helping his scar heal and go away.-Kate H.


In Feb. 2010 I found out I had melanoma.  I had it removed and had over 15 stiches.  Frankincense helped reduce my scarring. –Julia S. Colorado, USA

Sun spots

I have some skin cancer on my face from riding my bike in the sun. It was about the size of half of dime on my left cheek, it was huge! I started using Frankincense and Melaleuca. Now, you can hardly see it and it has almost disappeared. –Randy R

 Cancer spots

Frankincense on cancer spot(previous one had been surgically removed) The spot came to head,drained and dried up. –Christine M. Nebraska, USA

 Cancer spots

A friend had a growth on her wrist which she was afraid might be a skin cancer.  I gave her some lavender and frankincense to drop on it and within a week the growth had fallen off leaving good clean skin underneath. -Kirsten H.


I have a cystic type tumor in my pancreas and I’ve been taking Digest Zen, Frankincense and Purify and it’s been working really really well. I take it daily and I feel way better than I’ve ever felt. –Challi A.

 Skin care

Frankincense for skin care (tightens skin and clears up blemishes) also use on hands for age spots and for sunburn, used for fatty tumors on 12 year old lab (friend's dog) that had already had multiple surgeries to remove previous ones - tumors shrunk (although did not completely disappear) –Jennifer E. Colorado, USA


Frankincense and Myrrh use on face, forehead, eye area to keep wrinkles at bay. –Bonnie S.

 Cancer spots

My husband also had those precancerous spots on his face because his skin has always been very sensitive. For years he had to go get those burned off. I made up a mix of oils that included Oregano, Lavender and Frakincense. Within two weeks, all of those patches have healed and most of all of the scabs have gone away and I know just in a matter of time they will completely go away. He has just been amazed with how the oils have heal his face. I mixed up another concoction of oils for my daughter that also included oregano, lavender and frakincense. She is 22 and has had small warts that have begun to spread over her face. She has been using OnGuard and over the past 5 days they are starting to change in appearance. Something is happening. If we can get those to go away soon it will be an absolute miracle! –Chris R.

 Skin tags

My nine year old daughter has had a skin tag growing between her nostrils.  It is very embarrassing to her because it looks like something else... She began putting Frankincense and Melaleuca on it every night for a couple of weeks and it has dried up and fallen off.  This was a much simpler remedy than having it burned or cut off by a dermatologist, not to mention the cost difference.  -Lana S. – Utah